Laguna Dudú, el edén de Cabrera


It is a paradise and it is not hidden. It is visible to all in Cabrera. Laguna Dudú is synonymous with adventure. Throw on your bathing suit and comfortable clothing and get ready for action.

The lake has no depth, so the lifeguard cannot be absent. This is how it all starts: you hang from a rope that an instructor is holding and that as he pushes you he will go up until he reaches the point where you hear a whistle as a signal of readiness and you fall into the water.

The adrenaline you feel goes beyond the typical butterflies in your stomach. The best feeling when you leave there knowing that you are alive, especially if you do not know how to swim. There, you feel happy to have thrown yourself and explored the spring waters of Laguna Dudú, which for me would be the Eden of Cabrera.

Gerge Martínez Rodríguez, administrator of the place, commented that on weekends, especially Sundays, approximately 800 people visit the space.